Life quest

I’ve always been intrigued with the question of life’s meaning and our purpose in it. We live in an age of anxiety, where we often seek purpose at the wrong shrine. It makes us dissatisfied and distracted from our profound purpose.

Seeking for purpose

Living with purpose means living intentionally. A life without purpose is a life without destination. Each of us possesses meaningful truth, if we care to look within.

My recipe: simplifying

Stripping away the non-essentials gives me a clearer view of who I am, what I value, where to focus, and how to better help others. By simplifying, I found my true purpose.

My truth

In order to achieve inner wholeness, I’m constantly working toward cultivating a simple and purposeful lifestyle where personal life, social contribution, and work life align.


Finding my truth gave birth to developing truthful brands, creating conceptual arts, crafting useful designs, and making meaningful relationships.

My offer

I conquer complexity and the lack of meaning in order to reveal a person’s or an organization’s or a company’s true purpose, thereby enriching its presence and impact in the world.


I am always in the quest for knowledge. I love chasing after geographical, intellectual, and spiritual adventures. Therefore, it is critical that I have the freedom to roam. Outside of work, you can find me exploring all corners of the world feeding my curiosity and connecting with people. With many journeys under my belt, I am an excellent storyteller with exhilarating tales and laughter.

Early Life

I was instinctively drawn to logos and brands even as a child. Long before I understood these symbols, I traced the Nike swoosh and sewed it on my shirts. Perhaps I did this because my family couldn’t afford such luxuries. After all, my father had come to Canada as a refugee without a penny in his pocket.

Urban Art

As I entered my teens, this branding fascination shifted to designing a personal logo of sorts — a graffiti tag. I spent my high school years exploring handstyles, medias, spaces, environments and objects. Through art, my creativity found an outlet. It led to building a portfolio to get into design school.


I instantly fell in love with typography, photography, and design processes. While still in college, I felt there was so much more to learn. So I continued into university, where I absorbed design, creative methodology and conceptual design. I explored the notion of strong concepts that integrate functionality and sustainability. Today, I find myself examining the built world in terms of design.

Deeper Meaning

After learning how to create aesthetic and meaningful design, one thing still bothered me. Does this exercise really help companies? And how true is my design to their identity? As it turns out, I was interested in finding a deeper meaning. I was looking for purpose. I therefore decided to further my education in brand identity, with the aim of revealing truthful and authentic brands. Through this process, I gained tools to solve both the visual and strategic aspects of branding.

Carrying on a Legacy

As I reflect on my journey, I realize my lifelong fascination with logos, design, typography, and brand identity goes back further than my childhood — it reaches back to my family roots. My grandfather was a Chinese artisan who carved woodcuts with people’s signature, also known as “seals”. Customers used these elegant stamps to make their mark on various surfaces. Even today, in Japan, companies regularly use name seals to sign contracts and other important paperwork.


In my own way, I have carried on my grandfather’s legacy. From graffiti tagging, to studying graphic design, to revealing brand identity, I create visuals that distil the very essence of an individual or business.

about me
about me